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About Antique Magic

My list of short story releases is as follows:
(most all of these are of the fantasy and dark fantasy genres):

October 18: “What Sekhmet Keeps” reprinted in Daughter of the Sun.

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September 14: Bicycle Requiem. (an ~9,000 word dark fantasy/horror novelette)
On the way home from a draining night of work, Theodora (called Teddy by her friends) finds herself guilty of something she’d never dreamed: a hit and run that results in a child’s death.

Wracked with guilt, Teddy hides her secret, carrying on as if nothing happened, but when the victim’s zombie returns, bringing along her own kind of disturbing justice, Teddy learns innocent little Mara isn’t exactly what she seemed.

And Teddy wonders, would jail be better than eternity with the vengeful girl’s accusing spectre.

Is it a small price to pay–and for what?

If you’d like to check it out, the story is available at: Amazon (and Amazon UK) and Smashwords.

June 21, 2015: A lighthearted fantasy tale called “Moon in the South” released in Eternal Haunted Summer, Summer Solstice issue. You can find it here.

December 21, 2014: “Gift of the Stag Maiden” released in Eternal Haunted Summer, Winter Solstice edition. You can find it here.

“Sing a Mournful Melody” (A Gothic Short story)–synopsis:

At the turn of the 20th century, tragedy has left Maribelle grief-stricken. After her beloved husband is murdered, his body disappears from his crypt. Worse, ghostly voices call from the widow’s Graphophone. Is she losing her mind, or does something wicked this way come?

Released on Kindle, November 10th, 2014. Available at all Amazon venues and Smashwords. It is also listed on Good Reads, if you’d like to add it to your TBR list. “Scratch T’il it Bleeds” (a were-being themed paranormal flash fiction) released on the blog here, October 23, 2014.

“No Green Beer” released in Eternal Haunted Summer, Summer Solstice, 2014.

Crossing the River: An Anthology in honor of Sacred Journeys, released Winter 2014. (Charity Anthology) Available at Amazon.

“No Such Thing as Dasher”, (a Christmas-themed little romantic story) released on this blog here, December 19, 2013.

“Cross-pollination” (a steampunk eco-fable) released, Summer Solstice, 2013 by Eternal Haunted Summer

“Passcode of the Gods” released Spring Equinox,2013, by Eternal Haunted Summer

“Heal Thyself”, released Winter Solstice, 2012, by Eternal Haunted Summer

w/a Juli D. Revezzo, “Chrysalis Convictions” released in Luna Station Quarterly, March 1st, 2012. The story is here. The full issue can be seen here.

w/a J.D. Revezzo, “Maiden in Love In the Underworld”, released Winter Solstice, 2011, by Eternal Haunted Summer.

w/a J.D. Revezzo, “What Sekhmet Keeps”. Dark Things II: Cat Crimes, a charity anthology of cat-themed fiction, with proceeds going to various cat charities. If you’d like it, it’s available at Amazon here, released December 2011.

w/a J.D. Revezzo, “Mother Blood Sky” (revised). The Scribing Ibis, an anthology of pagan fiction in honor of Thoth. It’s a charity anthology with my story, along with several other fine authors. If you’d like it, it’s available at Createspace, released August 2011.

w/a J.D. Revezzo: War Hero, on this blog here, released May 30, 2011.

w/a Julianne Draper: Mistress of the Keys (part 2), released June 20, 2011, by Eternal Haunted Summer.

Mistress of the Keys, (part 1), released March 20, 2011, by Eternal Haunted Summer.

Mother Blood Sky, released October 2010, by Twisted Dreams. You can get the issue here.

House of Cards (original version) released September 20, 2010, by Eternal Haunted Summer.

The Captain’s Merciful Death, included in Cross Genres’ Posted Stories for Haiti project. circa February 2010.

w/a Julianne Revezzo Draper: Light Nightmares, released October 2009, by Twisted Dreams. You can get the issue here.

My published novels and novellas are listed here.

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