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Passion's Sacred Dance

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Passion’s Sacred Dance was inspired by the Megadeth song, Foreclosure of a Dream.

In the novel I play around with Celtic Mythology. The hero of the novel is one of many nameless immortal warriors in the Tuatha dé Danann’s army. From them I created the Harshad Warriors, a group of warriors who battle the evil god Balor for the fate of the world…. Tuatha dé Danann means “Peoples of the Goddess Danu”. And Balor, well, Balor leads the Formorians, and my characters? Not too fond of the lot of them, at all.

This is where I found the slang they use in the book (don’t worry, I didn’t use a whole lot of it). :) (The original site I used BBC’s H2G2: Irish Slang dictionary seems to be offline)

Bitter Thorn Grove History Center, the sacred ground Stacy keeps, is based on a combination of the Tampa Bay History Center, The Dunedin Historical Museum, and an art gallery I worked at in college. That’s why she works where she does…because, yep, I have some experience in that. That’s also why she’s so curious about history. ;) A harshad number is a number divisible by the sum of its digits…for instance, 500. You’ll have to read the novel to find out the significance of the number. ;) Here’s the book trailer if you’d like to view it.

Here is the book trailer for Passion's Sacred Dance

And one about the series:
This is me explaining the series.

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