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About DRAWING DOWN THE SHADES (Antique Magic book 3)

A little about the next installment in the Antique Magic series, Drawing Down the Shades. The series was inspired by a mixture of my little brotherís interest in the paranormal and readings about Wicca and Celtic mythology, gods and goddess lore and suchlike. Plus, a chance find of Civil War fort up in Pensacola, Florida, Fort Pickens, gave rise to Caitlinís ghostly guardian. Think Juliet Blackwell's Witchcraft Mysteries/Charmed with a Florida setting and historical threads.:)

Drawing Down the Shades, Antique Magic, book three; Juli D. Revezzo; Fort Pickens, Florida; witch; ghost; gift idea; womens mystery thriller suspense fiction; southern author

DRAWING DOWN THE SHADES is the third installment in the series (after The Artistís Inheritance and the short, Caitlinís Book of Shadows (which is free on Amazon). and sees Caitlin growing more comfortable with her magic. The duty which the gods placed on her in The Artistís Inheritance is starting to feel normal to her, as well. The characters that you know and love from The Artistís Inheritance (Caitlinís friends and fellow witches Beryl, Sealya, and Heather; and Caitlinís beloved husband Trevor) return as well, for the supernatural world just wonít leave Caitlin and Trevor alone.

If youíd like to check it out, the bookís available at Amazon.

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